Leather dog collar

Dog Moda | Designer Dog Collars for whippets, lurchers and hounds Dog Moda | Hound collars and fashion accessories for sighthounds and humans 020 3582 4532

Whippet collar

Designer dog collar

Dog Moda pet boutique offers designer dog collar & other canine dog accessory for dogs and humans
Dog Moda | Leather dog leads for dogs Dog Moda | Leather key rings, charms and fashion accessories for dogs and humans

Leather Dog collar for whippets and lurchers

Dog Moda offers fancy leather whippet collars and whippet key rings accessory items in the UK

Designer dog collar

Dog Moda offers short leather leads and dog show leather leads for dogs in the UK
Dog Moda | Designer dog collar and fashion accessory for sighthounds Dog Moda | Dog Accessories, snood, collar, charm, pin brush and fashion accessory for dogs

Leather dog leads

Dog Moda offers quality leather dog leads and police style training leads for dogs.
  Dog Moda - Pet boutique in London UK provides fancy designer leather dog collars for whippets, lurchers and hounds, quality diamond dog collar, charms, tassels, sylish key rings, dog leads. Dog Moda pet boutique is based in the UK sells online ships worldwide.